How to come up with blog post ideas for your business

Did you know that the more content you have on your website, the better your chances are of appearing in Google searches? Especially if that content is relevant to your ideal client or customer.

But how do you populate your blog with relevant and easy-to-write content that can be done quickly and easily?

I’ve put together A Year’s Worth of Blog Post Ideas (also available in a trendy downloadable PDF) that can be applied to any business. You don’t even need to be a professional writer because you are, in fact, the expert on the topic as it relates directly to your business, product or service that you offer.

To prove it works, I’m going to use these tips myself to write at least one blog post per month for the next year. Why not try it yourself?

  • Find out what your customer needs or wants to know. You wouldn’t try selling paint to a brick layer. So why guess what your customer is interested in? Ask the source themselves. Put a post on Instagram stories or Facebook asking what is the most challenging thing your client faces? Are you in financial planning? Ask your audience what they struggle with most when budgeting. Are you a landscaper? Ask your audience what questions they might have when it comes to creating a better outdoor area.
  • Write a Top 5 Blog post related to your industry i.e. ‘Top 5 Fashion Predictions for 2020’ (if you’re a fashion designer). Here you can add heaps of links to your own pieces to encourage more sales. Are you a builder? ‘Top 5 House Designs this year.
  • Opinion Piece: Is there a newsworthy topic that you can share your opinion on? Don’t be afraid, this is your blog and you are entitled to your own opinion. It may also encourage comments that will generate more engagement on your website and social media.  
  • Share your own experience: Did you have a great customer service experience recently? Tell others about it. Why was it so good? What did you learn from it?
  • Go negative: For example you own an interior design business…’10 things you shouldn’t do when decorating your living room.’
  • Go positive: This one is always fun:6 amazing ways to make your entrance area look bigger.’
  • Ask a Guest: I love the good old delegation trick! Ask someone in a related industry to answer some questions or write about a particular topic. For example if you are a real estate company, maybe you could get someone who works in finance to write about ‘How to make sure you’re financially ready before buying a home.’
  • Write about your personal failings or challenges and how you overcame it: Trust me, people love hearing from other businesses on what does and doesn’t work. Be brave and outline what has been difficult for you in your business.  
  • A Day in the Life of… This can be based on your day or someone else in your business/field. Ask an employee, or get every member of your organisation to contribute.
  • A List of Resources and Tools you use in your business: Share your greatest tips or hacks, favourite technology or programs that help you do your job. Chances are, these are going to help others improve productivity.
  • Answer the public: This is a free website which generates some of the most common questions asked on the internet Simply type in something related to your industry and pick a question to answer in a blog post.
  • Lessons learned this year: It’s a great way to reflect on the year you’ve had while also sharing tips of encouragement with others.

In another blog post, I’ll share ways you can recycle this content over and over again without sounding like a broken record.

Will you be using any of these ideas to freshen up your own blog?

If you need any help with blogging for your business, please get in contact with me.

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