What will the New Financial Year be like?

It’s been a crazy ride for me over the last three months since fully committing to work as a freelancer and running my own business.

I’ve hit some amazing highs but also some awful, soul-crushing lows. When I made my business goals last year in anticipation for a cracker 2020, I didn’t account for the fact that we would be hit by a worldwide pandemic. Or that I would be a cranky, sleep-deprived mum of two. Or that I had a husband, family and friends. It turns out these are pretty big factors when it comes to productivity.

So as we welcome a New Financial Year (kinda like New Years Eve for business owners!), I thought I should reflect on what I have managed to achieve and give myself a little pat on the back. And say thank you to my husband, my parents, my parents-in-law and anyone else who kept me sane and helped me build this passion of mine.

  • I’ve worked with a total of 12 different clients over 3 months.
  • This work involved capability statements, marketing brochures, social media strategies, social media management, award submissions, website content, travel itineraries and I also have a client who has me looking after ‘all things marketing’.
  • I’ve raised my rate.
  • I’ve gotten better at quoting and talking to clients and understanding each project before I start.

There were a few reasons why I wanted to run my own ship. And if I’m honest, they were fairly selfish reasons… to spend more time with my kids and not put my baby in daycare too early, to work from home, to accomplish something I’ve always wanted to do (run a business), to continue a career I’m passionate about etc…

Looking back on my Business Plan, I also had one point that said I wanted to ‘provide small business owners with affordable copywriting, social media and editing services that is true to their brand, improves their reputation and delivers results.’

It’s this point however that has become my biggest accomplishment. I have just loved working with other business owners, hearing their passion for what they do, helping them convey their message to their customer. It makes me feel like I am definitely in the right industry. I may not be saving lives or raising millions of dollars for charity, but this work has made me feel useful and purposeful.

While most days it feels like I’m pushing poo up a very, very large hill, I’ve never felt more inspired and enthusiastic to work. There are however a few improvements I would like to make:

  • Stress less
  • Be more patient with my kids
  • Work on work days only!
  • Say no to projects that aren’t valuable to my livelihood.
  • Get better at asking for reviews!

So happy New Financial Year. I hope this one is a great one for you, even with the challenges that this world is facing.

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I am a digital marketing specialist, helping brands make a big impact online.

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