My Favourite Podcasts of 2019

How good are podcasts? They are free to listen to, anytime of the day, wherever you are. I’ve really gotten into podcasts in 2019 as a way to upskill and learn new things, especially considering I haven’t really had much time with a busy toddler, a job, planning a wedding, growing another child and aContinue reading “My Favourite Podcasts of 2019”

What a week of maternity leave taught me about business goal setting…

There’s this weird thing that keeps happening to me towards the end of my pregnancies. I get all inspired and fuelled to create new business goals and opportunities. Amongst the nesting and furious cleaning that I’ve been doing, I’ve also been researching new marketing trends, listening to podcasts, optimising my website and re-evaluating my businessContinue reading “What a week of maternity leave taught me about business goal setting…”

When Marketing Becomes Overwhelming

Are you overwhelmed by how and where to market your business? I totally feel you! I’ve been working in the industry for nearly a decade and I still feel like this sometimes. Marketing is a fast-moving beast. With the digital age, social media trends and technology going out of date as fast as you canContinue reading “When Marketing Becomes Overwhelming”