What a week of maternity leave taught me about business goal setting…

There’s this weird thing that keeps happening to me towards the end of my pregnancies. I get all inspired and fuelled to create new business goals and opportunities.

Amongst the nesting and furious cleaning that I’ve been doing, I’ve also been researching new marketing trends, listening to podcasts, optimising my website and re-evaluating my business goals and visions.

While I could put this down to my desire to do what I love, stay home with my children, and contribute to the household income, I think there’s a bit more to it.

I think this is what happens when you take a step back from the daily juggle and noise and really evaluate what you want in life. As soon as I started maternity leave, my head was clear to dream big.

How many small business owners allow themselves this opportunity? To step out of their day-to-day business to work on the future of their business?

Many will have team building and strategy workshops or luncheons, which take 2 hours or a whole day. But can you really create space for future thinking when you have the day-to-day tasks building up and waiting for you on your return?

So what’s the solution Mel, you ask?

Take a whole week off. Schedule nothing in. Shut up shop. Allow yourself to dream as big as you can. Prioritise and strategise and set the wheels in motion for the future.

Then get back to work feeling inspired and ready to implement your new business goals.